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Trading Bad Habits for the Possible Self

Neurofeedback really changed me. By training my brain, I was able to overcome my bad habits and problems that I had. Before I did neurofeedback, I had many compulsive behaviors and lacked on motivation. Now I am a completely different person. I am more of a leader and I am more flexible to try new things. I can flip through books and find exactly what I am looking for by skimming through it, I used to be terrible at that. I am also a better person now. I step up for people who are getting bullied, I am not as hyper or as immature now, and my sleeping problems have gone completely away. Now I am a much more likable person and I get along with many more people at school. My math problems are making more sense to me and I am doing great in school.

Neurofeedback also changed a lot of little things that made a big difference in my life. I am more talented with my left hand, my reflexes and coordination are much better, my hand writing improved greatly, I am more creative, I have a better sense of humor, and I am very motivated. I am eating healthier and my memory works better than I ever imagined.

By: MQ

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