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Testimonial from LE 12/12/12

My experience with Neurofeedback has been nothing short of miraculous. For most of my life I have lived with depression and anxiety. I have tried changing my diet, exercising, counseling, medication – everything, but had little luck. Three months ago I was at my lowest – again. I couldn’t seem to fight my way out of this lingering depression/anxiety. I looked in the yellow pages and found Lora and thought I would give Neurofeedback a try. I didn’t have high expectations because nothing had helped in the past. After the first few sessions I began to feel calmer and more relaxed. After more sessions I began to feel like Neurofeedback was clearing out all of the negative thinking that had been there for years and was holding me back from my full potential. I was sleeping better and beginning to make better decisions for myself. I found that I just didn’t feel like overeating or drinking to excess any more – it didn’t make me feel good so it was easy not to do. I began to realize how detrimental the negative thinking was and found that it was becoming easier to think positively. The changes I have experienced with Neurofeedback have been subtle and gradual. It has become easier to make healthier decisions that benefit me – eating right, exercising and setting healthy boundaries. Neurofeedback provides lasting benefits – your brain learns to behave differently and it feels natural and effortless. I do not feel spacey or drugged and have not noticed any negative side effects.


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