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Testimonials - D

Teen formerly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

We got D’s report card Wednesday: one A+, 3 As, one B+, one B. Algebra was an A, as was Science. Remember, last year, we prayed for a D in Algebra so he wouldn't have to repeat the course. He was right on the line between Fs and Ds there. I have not helped him with his schoolwork at all this year. He is keeping up on his own. Last year it took constant monitoring on my part and the teachers' and classroom aides' to keep him from slipping through the cracks. He is being graduated out from the one Special Ed class he took this year into regular English this next year. At his Individualized Education Plan last week, he asked to be put into Advanced Placement classes! That surprised us all. He wanted to do that so he could get college credit for the AP classes. The teacher and Asst. Principal both told him to wait and see how he did in regular English before he jumped into AP. He wants to take AP Science too. I credit the Neurofeedback for this incredible jump in his grades, and in his maturity, behavior, ability to set and follow goals, composure, social awareness, social skills (still needs some work) and being clued into his body and what is going on around him. He feels a difference in himself too. He is catching more of the age appropriate jokes his classmates make, and reacting more age appropriately. His teachers see a huge difference in him, as does my best friend who has known him for 5 or 6 years. So I thought I would share the good news with you!

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