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Testimonials - Blake

Blake, this is the kid who juggled Fs, Ds, and a few better grades. His first report card this year: Science B, English A, Health B+, Algebra C (last year we prayed for a passing D), Global Studies A-, Art A. But that's only part of the picture. What the teachers said is more revealing. In their words: (Global Studies) Great contributor, can set the tone and drive the discussion to a certain extent., understands what it is to have a thesis & support it. The intellectual side of it he's got. Doing well, continue to grow. Doing a good job. Doesn't have any limitations.
(Math) He tries, love his attitude, think he'll continue to do well. I think he's figuring it out, and advocating for himself. Think he likes being there (in Math - which was the worst subject last year). He's really coming out of his shell. He's feeling empowered. He's gonna integrate into society well. I think he'll be able to do what he wants to do.

(Art) Great student. I like him and his attitude.

(Science, this teacher had him last year too) Really enjoy having him this year. Been working well in class, doesn't get frustrated as easily. The improvement has been amazing. And with the other students socially. Just been awesome to see. Taking the tests in class (instead of separately with a classroom aide helping him). Able to focus, write down what he needs to without getting flustered/tired/whatever it was. Penmanship & note taking improved. (Used to miss half of the notes or more in the fill in the blank sheets.) Now he's filling in the outlines. Been doing so well. Especially socially - just knowing when it;s OK to talk, and the tone (of the talking). Tiffs with the classroom aide have improved. Very little stuttering now, not much stretchies now. A lot more settled and calm now. No more of the built up tension - It's blown me away. Definitely amazing how much better he's doing this year. Seems happier. Just not so tense.

(Health) Keep doing what you're doing.


(English [his one Special Ed class]/Special Ed case manager) Acting like a young adult, not a little kid. Difference is night and day. One of my top students. More aware of and wanting to do what the other kids do. Doesn't go berserk or perseverate on a subject. Not wiping his mouth/sucking on his shirt anymore. Still paces some. Still working on his organization (misplaces papers). See so many improvements in him. A joy to be around. He's taking direction in what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Not doing the minor aggressive behavior anymore. (This from someone who I thought in the past was a bad personality match for him.) Thought it was cute seeing him walking with his arm around his girlfriend. Doing very well in study hall. The aide is stepping back there. Blake is getting started more on his assignments and the aide follows up, asking what he needs to do. Study hall teacher says he's using his time well. The huge differences in him could not be just due to the summer break. She agreed with me, it must be the Neurofeedback. (Every teacher said he's a different kid.)

I have seen differences in Blake since he started Neurofeedback mid August. Nice to see that the teachers are seeing it too, in so many areas. We wanted him to start it before school started, and it has helped him from day one in school this year: First day of school, when he had no homework, he brought home his Algebra book and studied it on his own. We didn't tell him, it was totally his own idea. That's motivation.


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