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Release From The Prison of Fear
I cannot begin to describe how seeing Dr. Lora Lonsberry has changed my life! I can only now begin to appreciate what she has done and is doing for me.

I did not know what a prisoner I was of my own fears. I knew they had allowed me to live many years being abused. Even when I finally realized I was not to blame, I was just trying to survive. I loved the person who told me everything was my fault. Things that happened with that and after just added to my tattered mental state.

Dr. Lora Lonsberry saw me for anxiety first due to all that, but diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and enabled me to see what had happened to me and learn how to deal with it. I am putting my life back together with her help, a life in which I can focus on the here and now instead of a fear-based life.


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